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Hello new Tributes! It's the 106th annual Hunger Games, and it seems like Katniss's little rebellion was no match for us. Now It's time for the next hunger games. This year there will be plenty of surprises to go along with the year. So don't underestimate the power of the capitol...

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| Tribute- Jasper Plaid | District- 6 | Age- 15 | Face Claim- Sterling Knight |

Respectful, hard-working, handsome. Jasper was the ideal male tribute from District 6. All the girls wanted him, the mothers loved him, and the men treated him like one of the guys. Everyone loved Jasper. Back at home, his two younger brothers loved him. He would do anything for his family. Which is why he volunteered. Lately, they had been struggling with money. Whatever his parents made didn’t seem to be enough. Jasper tried to find a job, but even with his reputation, no one seemed to need help. Jasper’s motives are clear: Win, come home, and support the family.

| Weakness- Family, Sensitive || Strengths- Smart, Strong, Common sense || Ideal weapon- Spear |

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